Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So my mother in law is leaving me in about a week to go back home to Wyoming... I'll be all on my own with the girls and hopefully I can do this on my own without someone else to fall back on. So I have been in this cleaning, reorganizing, purging frenzy because I still have the time to be. Plus I LOVE to purge and reorganize... I'm kind of sick like that. Well, I was reorganizing the girls hospital documents, etc. when I came upon their ultrasound pictures! And that of course got me reminiscing about my pregnancy with them and some of my memories. Since I didn't start writing stuff down about the girls until they were born I thought I better get this stuff written before I forget it myself. So here's my favorite picture from my ultrasounds (I had to go in weekly for an ultrasound since they were so squished together and a lot can change in one week with triplets) because it shows all the girls together. Baby A= Mckenna, Baby B= Madison, Baby C= Carly. I know, Mckenna looks more like a blob and kinda creepy with Carly looking straight at the camera... They were only about 14 weeks old at this point...

Some of the things I remember:

Mckenna was always so difficult to see in ultrasounds. She sat right on the bottom of her sisters, almost always head down, above my cervix so they had a hard time seeing her. She was the hardest one to tell if she had two eyes, two ears, what sex she was and on and on. She also used to get in the funniest positions. She always was wrapped up in a weird contortionist sort of way every time I saw her- feet over her head, head turned like an owl. And funny now, she is still kind of like that with her long skinny legs and arms. She likes to clasp her hands together only after is has twisted her arms up, it's hard to explain.

Madison was always on the move in ultrasounds. The nurse would look at her and she would be facing one way and they she would look at one of the others and go back to Madison a few seconds later and she would be face in the other direction. Now I understand... she doesn't stop moving now as well.

Carly always hated ultrasounds. I think she just hated being poked around which is definitely her personality now. When we do her tummy time activities she moans and groans about it now. She is also the one that I felt kicking the most. Maddy was anterior so I had padding to protect from feeling her and Mckenna just moved the least. I probably felt Carly because I preferred laying on my left side where she was so she hated to have her sisters on top of her. But when they all got kicking at the same time, it was like a rock concert going on in there. Strangest feeling I've ever felt with three babies kicking everywhere inside of me. Sometimes it's still hard to believe I had three babies growing in me...

But the best story I remember was that one week when I went in for the ultrasound, Madison was kicking Carly in the head over and over again. I thought it was pretty funny at the time (don't worry, they do have a nice embryonic sack and stuff between them) but those two already fight with each other so much now. I guess the fighting truly started from the beginning. Poor Carly, she doesn't have a sack to protect her from Maddy now...


  1. Thats so funny, I can't even imagine having 3 kicking inside you! You are amazing to keep up with three at once!

  2. I didn't know they were kicking each other! That is kind of funny! Sorry you are losing Rosemary :( that will definitely be a bummer for you. Way to get organized and clean...I don't know anyone like that ;)

  3. What wonderful memories! I wish I had written more down about my pregnancy with Dominic and Vince. (That said I did record more with their pregnancy than I did with Will's, my oldest.) I wish I video recorded their heart beats being monitored. Or the nurse trying to find them. Oh well. Still good memories.

    Listen, we'd love to come over to visit. I'd love to catch up more and see your girls. Email me when you're ready and feel like company.

  4. We are actually coming on the 5th of April, kind of a prebaby vacation. That would be so great to see you, but I doubt you'll be there the exact same time as us. How do you drive down to SV with three babies, I bet thats a loud car ride!