Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The girls are sleeping for now, so I'm going to attempt some posts. I might not make it to the second one with the girls pictures which is the one everyone really wants to see. This is probably just mostly for my mom because she wants to see pictures.

So I was all in a frenzy finishing projects before my mother in law left. I have been without her for two weeks now and I must say it was much easier to have her help. But, I guess I have to learn to take care of those girls by myself at some point right? So here are a few projects that I have just finished. We needed a new TV stand because we were obviously not thinking in child proofing terms when we bought our first one (everything was open for little hands to find). And since our girls play area is right in front of the stand, we needed a new option.

So I have this crazy obsession with painted furniture right now... I love the vintage shabby chic look as long as it doesn't get too flowery, I'm not a big flower patterned person. I couldn't find a painted cream TV stand to save my life unless I wanted to spend major money and that's not an option. So I bought an inexpensive stand Kyle and I both liked and painted it cream and then antiqued it. I left some of the wood stain because I thought it would look better two-toned. All I know is it was a lot of dang work...and we couldn't park one vehicle in the garage for a good week or so. Then after I painted the TV stand my black end table just didn't go with it, so I painted it cream and antiqued it! And it looked to good I couldn't hide it between my couch and chair so it also sits on display next to the TV stand. I might have to find a basket or something for the other side to even it up. Maybe a toy basket... So here it is from two angles...

Oh I also painted the wall behind in a cornbready yellow for an accent wall (the rest of the walls are cream so you see why I had to)...
Then our decorative mirror in our bedroom feel off the wall and broke so I had to change the set up in there. I had a huge wall to cover and since custom made six feet shelves are way too expensive, I bought some cheap decorative L brackets from Hobby Lobby and bought a 2x10 six foot piece of wood, painted it black and wallah... a shelf! Don't ask Kyle how much he swore putting that beast up though... I thought it might be the end of my projects that night! Ha ha!

I had to show the picture underneath up close. It's an old picture (maybe 1920s?) of women lined up in their bathing suits. Thought it was cute and unique. The shelf goes perfect with my black and cream damask curtains.

And then, I didn't paint this myself but I found this old shelf in a thrift store here, already painted at a great price and it holds all my "treasures of trash" as my husband likes to refer to it. It's a cute corner hutch but I think the scallops along the edges are what makes it. Kyle bought it for me for our 5 year anniversary coming up the first of May.... So there are my projects. My next projects will be on a more miniature scale that I can do at night when the girls go to bed. I'm thinking about taking up knitting... wish me luck, I have no idea what I'm doing...


  1. Your tv and side table turned out so cute, and you didn't have to spend alot of money, GOOD JOB!!! It looks and sounds to me like you may just have too much time on your hands. haha! ;)

  2. That was Lisa again, by the way.