Wednesday, April 14, 2010

11 months old!

Wow... how time flies.... and then I look back at all that has happened and then it does seem like a lot longer. The girls get their last RSV shot this week and I am pretty happy about that. Shots are definitely no fun with babies.... course, when are they fun huh? The girls are just barely starting to take bite size foods. They don't feed themselves but at least we are starting to chew things. They are also trying out sippy cups and doing pretty well. Carly is almost 20 lbs! Geez! And Madison is around 17 and Mckenna around 16 lbs. Madison is now crawling and pulling up to standing on the couch, chairs, printer, in her bed, everything. I think she might run not walk when she starts to. Carly is pretty content to lay on her belly and play with her toys. She does try to do this inchworm thing to move but ends up just going in a circle. Carly does love to bounce on your lap though. Mckenna is finally rolling! And I think now that she has it down she wants to just roll everywhere. She doesn't go much further than her mat but she's my first baby to roll to get somewhere. She's also stuck in going in circles in one place land. I think there is a very good chance she might crawl before Carly. But I hope it's not for awhile. I can hardly handle one being mobile right now. It's amazing to watch how in the last couple weeks Carly and Mckenna have gotten noticebly more impatient to move around. I'm afraid it will happen sooner than I want.

Carly - 11 months
Madison - 11 months

Madison - I know I have two of her but how funny is that face! Hillarious.... she has a great scowl.. when I'm being silly with them or singing crazy songs I get this face a lot from her. She already thinks, "Mom, you're so uncool..."

Happy Mckenna - 11 months

We took the girls to church for the first time a couple weeks ago. All I know is that's a lot of work just to get them there! We took pictures before we went since my mil was leaving. I thought it was a cute picture!

It's been a lot busier since my mil left but I am getting along. I am still get help from my ward a couple times a week for feeds since that's when the frenzy usually ensues. I just need to get them to hold their own bottles and pick up their own food and then I am good to go!

The Three Amigos on St. Paddy's Day. L to R: Carly, Mckenna, Madison


  1. Of course I remember you! Did you get your needlepunch done? Beautiful little girl!


  2. I meant to put an 's' on the end - BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRLS!!!!!!

  3. They are beautiful! Carly looks like she went tanning!! She is a little too young for that!