Thursday, March 11, 2010

10 months old!

The girls are getting so old! Tomorrow they get weighed so I don't know where they are at right now. I'm sure Carly will be at least 18 lbs., Mckenna I hope is at least over 15 lbs. and Madison somewhere in the middle. We love them so much! Something funny we have discovered, with Madison being so much more mobile she has started to crawl around and take everyone's toys, even if she has the same toy in her own hands. We kind of have always thought of Mckenna as the sensitive fragile one but always noticed that Madison would take away Carly's toy and rarely Mckenna's. So the other day she made an attempt at taking Mckenna's toy. Mckenna has always had a death grip on her toys and so when Madison came to take it Mckenna fought back and held on. It became a tug of war back and forth and Maddy started to get mad that Kenners wouldn't give it up. Anyway, I love it. Mckenna knows how to hold her own against wild Madison. I guess she really is the oldest-the alpha. And Carly definitely is already easy to pick on for her sisters. She gets her feelings hurt easily. Oh the drama...


Madison- always in blur these days...

L to R: Madison, Mckenna, Carly. Apparently Mckenna was the only one happy about this picture! Ha ha!

L to R: Madison, Mckenna, Carly- Once again, trying to get things focused on all and Madison ended up in blur.

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