Monday, June 29, 2009

7 Weeker Girls!

Wow, they are so close to two months old. Some days it seems like its gone so fast and other days seem like an eternity. Yesterday (Sunday) was a great day! They were all doing so well and it's amazing how great that makes your day. Sorry in advance for the pictures. For some reason they are all so blurry. There wasn't a whole lot of eventful things this week....

Mckenna- Mckenna doesn't have her Urinary Tract Infection anymore and is just finishing up her Cdiff antibiotics in the next couple days so hopefully (cross our fingers) she doesn't get anymore infections! I've had it with those and I'm sure she has too. Despite her setbacks with infections and being taken off food she gained some serious weight this week. Yesterday she was 3 lbs. 13 oz.! And I think it's pretty easy to tell. She is starting to definitely get the baby cheeks. Yesterday she was finally back up to full feeds like her sisters are and is going great with them. She desats (monitors beeping) here and there (mainly when her belly is getting full and she is getting reflux) but is still the steadiest with respiratory and has started the process of weaning her off of her oxygen (cannula). It takes a few weeks but hopefully she will do well. She was the first to start the weaning process. Nothing else really new with Mckenna except I can tell she is going to be a good, happy baby. She is ALWAYS smiling and rarely in a bad mood or irritable. Such a sweet little personality! Of course, as their mom, I think they all have sweet little personalities! One other thing about Mckenna, we weren't able to get as good of a picture of her but she was able to be dressed this week like her sisters are! She can't wear the right sleeve right now because of her IV but hopefully that won't be much longer. The first picture is her first outfit. She wouldn't stop wiggling so I had to take a picture of her swaddled so you can't see the whole thing. There's also another picture of Kenners. We think she looks a lot like Kyle, and yet (as you can see in the second picture), she looks an awful lot like my brother Scott and his daughter Laney (when she was a newborn). Weird... I guess cousins really do look alike.

Mckenna at 7 weeks old- look at that cute smile.

Mckenna- I've even seen my brother make this face! Ha ha!
Also, this is her first outfit!
Madison- Madison has had the least amount of setbacks this week. She has just kept to herself and grown. Like the others, lots of desats and beeping still going on. But she was the second one to start the process of weaning off oxygen cannula (one day after Mckenna). Yesterday she weighed 3 lbs. 10 oz. so she is still the smallest but not by much. She is definitely very social. She loves to be held swaddled so she can look at your face and has a hard time falling asleep when you are holding her, afraid that she'll miss you when she opens her eyes. I bet she will be the one when she grows up a little that won't want to go to bed because she's afraid she is going to miss something. We can't quite figure out who Madison looks like. It used to be that she looked like my other brother Justin and then she looked like me. Then she sometimes looks like her Grandpa Morrell. Heck, the other day I thought she resembled Kyle's sister Lisa. She's the ever changing face! I didn't get the best pictures of her (like I said, I struggle get a good picture of her in general) but she is definitely getting bigger cheeks as well!

Madison at 7 weeks old! She's almost smiling!
Carly- Carly had a little setback this week (little). On Friday she was just not having a good day. She was desatting all over the place and they were having a hard time reviving her. She just didn't want to breathe and was quite tired and lethargic. So they ran some tests and xrays and her lungs were fine but she was very backed up in the bowels (constipated) so they gave her an enema and ran some cultures for an infection. The enema worked very well (believe me, I know, I changed one of the diapers) and the cultures came back negative for an infection. So she might have been just having a bad couple days. They did put her back on CPAP for a few days to help her through the slump (which was frustrating at first, but I understand now why it was important). She also had to have her feeds stopped so they put her back on an IV for nutrition. Yesterday she was back on the nasal cannula and was almost back up to full feeds so it was just a little hiccup. It does help put me back into perspective about how well they are doing and not to get frustrated with things that really aren't that bad. Anyway, Carly hit another milestone. She was 4 lbs. 1 oz yesterday! I figure she will probably be the first to hit the weight milestone each time between her and her sisters. I'm just so excited that they are all almost 4 lbs! That is twice the weight they were born at. We've decided that Carly might be a little stubborn. She is quite laid back but when she digs her heels in, nobody is changing her direction. I'm glad she is a fighter, it's what has helped her get through this hard part of her life to want to live. Some pictures of Carly Loo! I am quite certain that Carly is a little Kyle in female form. I think she looks just like him. And yet, the nurses have told me that she looks like me. I can't quite see that yet. Except for the ears, she did get my ears, poor little girl.

Carly at 7 weeks old!

We couldn't quite get it at the right time but she was looking at me in that concentrated look before the picture was taken.
Kyle and I have to say that we have been so blessed with such beautiful healthy girls. We know that Mckenna's brain bleed is definitely not ideal but overall they are all doing so well! Thank you to everyone for all your prayers. We know that that is one of the main reasons they are doing so well. And thank you to all of you (since I keep forgetting to say this) that post comments. I love to read them and they definitely help to encourage me to stay happy and positive. We love you all!

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  1. Hey you guys!!! I found your blog address on Facebook and am so glad I did.....I hope that doesn't creep you out :) Congrats on the beautiful little girls. I have been thinking about you guys so much and hoping all is well with the little ones. Looks like they are doing AMAZING!!! I can't believe how small they are and how they continue to fight! What strong little girls they will all be!
    Amber Coppieters