Monday, June 8, 2009

We're 4 weeks old!

The girls are 4 weeks old! I can't believe it's already been almost a whole month. Do I say that same sentence every week? I have got to learn to say something new! It has been such a fun week. The girl's Grandpa and Grandma Pendleton came this past weekend to see the girls. Not only that but all of the girl's Uncles (except Brad on the mission) from the Pendleton side and also one Aunt came to see the girls as well. Their cousin, Molly, also was here but she was too little (20 months old) to come back to their room in the NICU to see them.

It was nice to have my parents comment on how good they looked compared to last time they saw them. When I see them everyday I think they look the same but I guess from an outside observer, they are looking better! I do notice that they are starting to finally get little chunky cheeks and they are all starting to get fat on their butts! It's good to see just the smallest things like that. And little round full bellies.

There is not a lot of new updates on the girls (which is a good thing not to have too many issues). But here's a quick run down of the girls. Also, I noticed that I did their weight in grams but, honestly, who cares about grams? So I am recalculating to approximation of pounds and ounces. Also, I want to make sure that I record what their little personalities are starting to do for future. I know nobody reading this really cares it's just for me and Kyle and the girls.

Mckenna- Mckenna got her results back about the bladder/bowel fissure test and as of right now they can't see any connection! Such good news! That doesn't mean they might not see something down the road but for right now she is doing great! She started feeds up right after that and I believe last time I saw her she was at 8 mililiters of milk (they are all still fed through a feeding tube). She is still on the CPAP. They tried to move her to the cannula a few days ago but it wore her out too much so they will keep on trying. But she is still moved to the cannula for Kangaroo Care (holding) with us. As of today she is gaining weight at a crazy rate and was at 1180 grams or around 2 pounds 9 ounces. She has gained about 7 ounces or so in the last 3 days which is crazy to me. Hopefully she keeps on gaining well. Chances are she could plateau at this weight for a few days or week. Oh, she also is getting another blood transfusion today.

Personality- Observations of Mckenna are that she is such a little steady rock. She remains the most stable with her oxygen, respiration and heart rate levels. (It's pretty common at this stage for those levels to jump up and down a lot because of their prematurity. The less jumping around, the better...) I think she is pretty tough (heck, they're all pretty tough) but more so for Mckenna. She has been through a lot and has handled it so well without a lot of fits. She does love to be swaddled. She's a little bit of a wiggler and arm flailer and loves to be all tight in a blanket. She also loves to feel things with her hands. She has these ridiculously long skinny fingers and it always looks so funny when she feels new fabric laid in her incubator. I know she is going to love to touch different materials like her Mom!

Madison- There really isn't a lot of new news with Madison this week. She is eating about 23 mililiters right now. She hasn't been gaining weight as well as her sisters. She hasn't really lost weight, just not gained. But she has finally made it over the 1000 gram mark. Today she was 1040 grams which is about 2 pounds 4 ounces. She is also still on the CPAP and cannula for the holds only.

Personality- Madison is very verbal. She was easily the first one to cry (there cries are not that loud at this point- picture a baby kitty meowing, that's kind of what it sounds like) and cries very easily. She doesn't like a dirty diaper and makes sure to let the nurses know about it. She likes to remain clean so hopefully that remains when she is a 2 year old toddler. She might be the drama queen of the three but LOVES to be touched and held. I should say that all three love to be contained (have someone hold their arms and legs up around their body) and be touched softly which means they can be calmed down. Madison showed facial expressions first (scrunchy face when she doesn't like something). She also likes to be swaddled but especially has a funny need to always have something gripped in her hand. She is the one that I can give my finger to and she will grab it with a death grip.

Carly- Also not much to say with Carly this week. She has permanently moved from the CPAP to the cannula and is doing great on it. Hopefully her sisters can join her soon. She is eating around 23 mililiters as well. She is also gaining great and as of today was 1185 grams or 2 pounds 9 ounces.

Personality- At first everyone thought that Carly was the most dramatic but I've since thought that she is actually the most laid back. She loves to be held as well and completely relaxes more than the other two during holds. She seems to also be the calm one but is quite alert to sound or movement around her crib and opens her eyes the most when someone is around. She doesn't really like to hold hands that much and isn't as into swaddling. But she loves her pacifier! She sometimes will have it in her mouth and goes to town on it! Hopefully that means she will eat well also.

Well, I have written far too much but they are doing great and I think it's mainly due to all the prayers on their behalf. We actually got a picture of all of them the last two days with their eyes open so I had to put those in here. Madison looks a little goofy but I promise she is still super cute! We love them so much and can't wait for them to keep getting bigger!

Mckenna 4 weeks old

Madison 4 weeks old

Carly 4 weeks old


  1. Those are really good pics! Cute, cute girls. It was so fun to be able to see them in person! And wow, Mckenna has gained so much weight! That is great news. Hopefully they keep it up!

  2. Wonderful! It is exciting to see how they are doing so well each week! What a miracle!