Monday, June 1, 2009

Three weeks old!

I can't believe it has already been three weeks since the girls were born. It really just seems like one big day most of the time. Since the post a couple days ago there really isn't a whole lot to update on. The good news is that all three have been able to go on a cannula (oxygen bar with little prongs up the nose, what adults get for oxygen when they are coming off of anesthesia) for the holds (they call it Kangaroo Care) with us. The cannula is not as stable as the CPAP and they have to work hard to breathe on it where as the CPAP is easier for them and keeps their lungs pumped up better. But.... hopefully within the next week or so they will be moving to the cannulas permanently and then after that no tubes needed! But I am getting way ahead of myself. They need to all easily weigh over 1000 grams (I think that's 2 lbs. 2-3 oz.?) and gaining before they can be on cannulas. As the doctors and nurses say it's all about hurry up and wait (mainly for them to gain weight). We took the three pictures of the girls below without the big ugly blue tube CPAP on and with the cannulas on. You can see their whole faces!

Updates on each girl:

Mckenna- She is doing very well and keeping right up with her sisters with oxygen and going from the CPAP to cannula for holds. I was worried she would lag way behind with the brain surgery last week but she is (as the nurses say) steady as a little rock. She even gained over an ounce today from yesterday! They are all sitting at about the weight they were born at so I can't wait for them to start to really gain weight. Mckenna also had the test done today to see if her bladder and bowels have a fissure between them. Still don't have the results for that but I will update later on that. Besides that, nothing really new. She weighed around 960 grams today.

Madison- Madison eats and bowel movements like a champion. She is eating 15 mililiters every 3 hours and also gets some fortified stuff put in with the milk for extra calories. Hopefully that will help her really start to gain. It's a race between her and Carly for who will be the first on the cannula. She weighed around 950 grams today.

Carly- About the same as Madison. She is eating really well and is around 15 mililiters every 3 hours also (she will be able to go up to 20 mililiters every 3 hours because she weighs more). She weighed around 1030 grams today and even though that means she is cleared for the cannula, she hasn't steadily gained weight everyday, she's still fluctuating too much.

Anyway, pictures below and an extra one of Madison cuddling with Dad and mainly I wanted to put this picture in since you can really see most of her body and how small they all really are.

Mckenna at 3 weeks

Madison at 3 weeks- kinda bad picture, she really doesn't look that scary!

Carly at 3 weeks- also pulling a funny face, where's the congeniality ladies?

Kyle and Madison- look how sweet with her little hand!


  1. Those pictures are so sweet. I can't believe those girls are so tiny! I'm glad that they are progressing so well, we are praying for you all.

  2. They look great! I am so glad they are still doing so well...what a blessing!

    Love the picture of Kykle and Madison...sooo cute!

  3. Oh how neat! I love the pictures, keep them coming. I am so glad that everyone is doing so well! Can't wait to see you guys!

  4. I love hearing the updates. Keep gaining weight girls because pretty soon you won't want to anymore!! :)

  5. WOW!!!! They really are SOOOOO teeny tiny. That puts it in perspective. Sweet little cuddle time pictures. I hope the GOOD news just keeps coming!!!!