Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Which one is which?

Just thought I would put up one more post for this week because we had some fun pictures in the last couple days. First, I got to hold two of the girls together! Can you tell who is who? I will say that I only held them like this for a few minutes because it was more difficult than I realized. And I know they are only 3-4 lb. babies but they started to get heavy, plus, when one spit out their pacifier, I didn't have another hand to put it back in. Now, you ask, how am I going to hold all three? I don't know... I'll get back to everyone on that.... By the way, this is Madison (right) and Carly (left).
Yesterday when we came into the room this is what we found! Two of them have graduated into cribs (Madison and Carly if you didn't read above). When Kyle came in they were facing each other and Carly was touching Madison's arm but that's about all the interest she has in Madison. Madison, on the other hand, loves to just stare at her sister! When she is put back in her crib she will turn her head to be able to look at Carly. So funny! They look so cute together don't you think? Oh, Madison is on the left and Carly is on the right.
A side look at the girls (once again, Madison on the left Carly on the right). Look at the size of the pacifier in Carly's mouth. And she is the big baby (almost 4 lbs. 5 oz. now).

Here's their crib. When Mckenna joins them (hopefully) they go to a gigantic crib compared to this. Apparently they only have this small size and then the big one. There's no in between.

Oh, and I realized I have never shown a picture of the girls room in the NICU. See the crib in the very back. And then Mckenna is in the incubator to the left. I tried to get their nurse to turn for the picture but she was camera shy. The room looks huge now that there is only a little crib and one incubator in it. You should have seen it with the big incubators before. Very crowded.

I just had to show a picture of cute Mckenna because she is left out of the crib! So sad, she even looks like she's sad about it here. Don't worry, we'll get you with your sisters soon!


  1. That is great that Carly and Madison are together in a crib! I bet that they are so happy to be together. Love the picture of you Sunny with the two girls, the three of you are glowing. I just think that your arms were meant for more than one baby!!!

  2. So cute Sunny! I still need to get a gift in the mail and I will now that I am over the swine flu!!!