Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finally..... I'm Starving!

I know.... yet another posting. But there has been so much this week that I have to put another post or else I will forget everything by next week. Today was another day of fun stuff! As you can see in the picture below, Madison and Carly were able to start attempting to bottle feed today! I took a picture of Carly below but I don't know where my brain was to get a picture of Madison. They prepped us with knowing that they probably won't drink or be able to breathe very well so don't be disappointed. Well, Madison drank 10 mls of her bottle (I think she is around 34 mls a feeding) which they said was awesome for her age. And then, not to be outdone, Carly drank 25 mls of her bottle! (She's around 42 mls right now) So exciting, hopefully they will be eating their full meals from a bottle in a few weeks. It does take them that long to work up to the full amount. Mckenna should start tomorrow so maybe I will have my brain on and make sure to get a picture of her as well.
Carly's first bottle feeding- even though the nurses fingers were right there, she really was holding onto the bottle.
Dad feeding the second half of the 25 mls to Carly.
And then there's another thing different too (two things). Yes, they are in the same outfit. The night nurse actually found the same outfit for Madison and Carly to wear (the one on Carly belongs to us) and then found an additional one for Mckenna also! So they all had the same outfit on today. And yes, my brain truly was missing today because I didn't get a picture of Mckenna's outfit as well. I promise, I'm coherent enough to take care of three babies. At least I hope.... Also, I don't know if you can tell in the picture but Mckenna, Madison (left below), and Carly (right below) are all off their nasal cannulas! No more oxygen help! They might have to go back and forth on them so we don't want to get too excited, but how exciting that they did so well to go off! I actually feel like they are moving in a great direction.
We are a little worried about Mckenna's head draining right now. They are having to up the amount of liquid they are taking out so hopefully that isn't going to mean a bigger possibility of a shunt for life but we'll just pray and hope for the best. I think my family is having a special fast for her this Sunday.
We're so glad they are improving so much! And we might be really biased but they are really looking awful cute and we feel very blessed!


  1. So precious! I'm glad the nurse found the same outfit. I love the crib cute! I'm glad they are getting better and better and bigger!

  2. I was just blog stacking(he he) and found your little family!! I am gald things are going so good for your girls. Tyler and I welcomed twins 2 years ago and spent a mere 21 days in the NICU. It is an amazing place filled with the spirit. Seeing the pics of your little ones brought memories and tears. Wishing you the best!
    Jaymie (Dana) Hansen