Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Triplet Catch up...

Wow, I feel like time just keeps on moving faster and faster!  The girls are also growing up so quick.  I was looking at our family pictures lately and I noticed one the other night that I looked at and thought it was taken two years ago.  So I looked it up and discovered it was taken in January 2011!  It's amazing looking back and seeing how rapidly the girls change at this age.  Carly actually has some hair now!

They are starting to really get into the talking.  There was a lot of crying and whining before and now they're screaming words!  Not sure which is better?  They are truly in the throes of a two year old.  I hear a lot of "no want it!" these days that I am now dreaming about that phrase.  These days they don't like the clothes I pick out for them, they want to choose their own combinations, and such lovely combinations they choose.  On the flip side of that, they are starting to undress themselves, and dress (parts of their clothing-shoes, socks, pants) themselves which is really nice!  I feel like I am ready to go cry in a corner and yell "UNCLE!" at one moment and the next I think they are pretty great and more enjoyable to be around than they were as babies.  So I not only have my good and bad days with them, it seems to change more on an hourly basis.  I almost feel like my emotions can sometimes cycle on the same plane as a two year old.  Must be what happens when you are with them all day long... Although I know Kyle can agree with me on that.  But when they are sweet, they are so sweet.  So it makes up for it.

Mckenna has such a great memory, she always remembers where she put something or where her sister's put something--or who's turn it is to have momma time next.  She has been the one kid that has always preferred me.  She's very much a momma's girl.  She also thinks I'm hilarious which is really good for my ego.  But she doesn't forget things which I believe will end up being tricky for me in a lot of ways.

Madison is still always always on the move.  I think the only time she actually stops to take a breather, she usually falls asleep, whether that is in bed or not.  And when she is asleep, she is out!  The whole herd of elephants thing...  She is also still the most sensitive to what her sister's need, a hug, a kiss, their stuffed animal (or toy).  She is so extremely observant of everything around her.

Carly is still the most obedient child and loves to please momma and dada.  She is always so quick to clean up toys and mess.  She has finally discovered a way to get back at Maddy for all the bullying Maddy as done to her for this last year.  She knows she is stronger than Maddy and if she can steal away one of her toys, then she can fend off Maddy from getting it.  It's quite a frustrating discovery for Maddy and now Carly has become the new bully in town.  I guess everyone has to take their turns.

They are excited for Christmas this year.  I still don't think they really understand it all that well but they definitely know who Santa is, a snowman, Rudolph, presents, stockings and others Christmas things.  I'm just not sure they understand the purpose of all of them yet.  And they LOVE music, Christmas or otherwise.  The girls have been so blessed this year with continual developmental growth that we are so thankful for.  We know we are still not out of the woods (on their developmental catch up) and there is still a lot of things we worry and pray for for the girls especially with possibilities of big surgeries coming up this next year, (oh wait, I guess worrying about your kids happens to everyone at every age!) but we continue to try and remember that we are far outweighed with blessings than trials.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and you are able to spend it with the ones you love!  We look forward to the new year and starting new adventures!  And as Maddy would say, "We Loffff You!"

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  1. So cute! Fun to read an update on the girls. We are coming to SV on the 28th. Will you still be there? I hope so! I want to see the girls! And you guys of course :)