Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More furniture makeovers

So since I have missed posting for a month and a half  I am going to post 3 posts in one day!  Then you are all caught up with me.  My mil stayed with us for all of October and November and so I was able to get a few paint projects done.  I wanted to get them done now because we are going to be redoing the girls room in Februaryish and I didn't want to be painting in that month.  It was cold enough in November as it was.  And when it's that cold, technically the cans say you aren't supposed to paint, but I still do, it just takes 2-3 times as long to dry.  Okay, first up:  I bought this coffee table (I think it was $30 at Goodwill) and I repainted the legs and put in chalk paint on the top so the girls can use it as their table and write with chalk all over it!  They love it, but they have eaten the chalk a few too many times.  Yuck, that can't taste that great.

 Next: This cedar chest was given to me by my parents when I was like 12 or 13?  Somewhere in there.  And as great as it is for a little girl, we already have a toy box that our friend made for us.  Soooo... I repainted it red and put a cute number on it, and now it resides in our bedroom!  Number five is our family size, the month the girls were born, the month and year we were married.  Lots of fives in our lives so that's why I chose it.


After from above
 This is just a random pic, but this corner you see below is where the girls are put (on their time out chair) when they misbehave and are naughty.  The other day I came around the corner and look who was in time out!  Shame on you Elmo!  They also change Elmo's diaper and numerous other things that happen in their daily lives.  It's funny how they like to act out the same things momma does.

Lastly:  Now I don't have a picture of the after yet.  It is done but it's sitting in that same position in the garage and I would really like it all set up in the room before I take a good pic of it.
But here is what my inspiration was for after, it it looks very similar to this.

Pinned Image
Cassie of Hi Sugarplum!
The main differences I made are that I painted my pulls (very similar to theirs) black instead of brass and put in two knobs that have clocks on them, super cute.  I also distressed and glazed mine.  I find that just plain pain is too boring for me.  I need some texture and depth.  Oh, and you can't see it very well, but their is a cute two step stool that also came with it that I fixed up as well.

So it will be awhile but can't wait to get the room finished in a few months and show you the final result!

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