Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween!!!  This year was a lot more fun for the girls.  They were definitely more aware of what was going on.  The girls were fairies this year-- Flora, Fauna and Merryweather to be exact!  (From Sleepy Beauty) I decided to make the girls costumes when I couldn't find any toddler Sleepy Beauty fairies anywhere in stores and online.  And they were a lot of work!  So, don't be too disappointed when they are the same thing next year!  Maybe next year Kyle will be Sleepy Beauty, hahaha!!  The girls really got into the "Trick or Treat" and getting their buckets filled with candy.  We took them to the Ward Trunk or Treat on Friday night and then around the block last night.

Carly- Merryweather

Mckenna- Flora

Madison- Fauna

 And then I couldn't help but make a little witch hat for myself.  I told Kyle I was a "chic" witch.

Then like good parents that we are, we dumped the candy out on the table and let the girls go wild!  I didn't know that they could ingest that much candy in such a short time!  Since they hardly ever have candy I figured we could make an exception on Halloween.  That's probably why they went so hog wild, they are worried they'll never get it again!

Mckenna has such a sweet tooth.  They others looked like they were more in a sugar coma but Mckenna just kept going and was having way too good of a time!

After their candy binge, we got them ready for bed and they actually just zonked out.  We didn't hear a word as soon as we closed the door.
So, until next year, the hats are retired!

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  1. Everyone's costumes are so cute! I love that idea for a trio! And your hat is amazing! You're so talented!