Monday, March 21, 2011

Who Will Help Me Bake the Bread?

So I was making a batch of bread the other day... I had finished them and had them laying out on the countertop cooling. I don't know what I was distracted with but when I went back to look at them (maybe 10 minutes) this is what I saw!...

And Maddy had a big fistful in her hand so I knew who the culprit was. She had shimmied up onto the counter and helped herself to the tempting stuff. Pretty funny... And if you look, it's not just a small hole, she went all the way in!

Also, I don't know if I have shown this picture yet. Oh, the joys of siblings! Mckenna is a big time biter, I guess it's pretty much her only defense since she is so scrawny. All I could think of when I saw Maddy's arm here is... she was in a vampire scuffle! Obviously read Twilight too much...

More pictures to come later... We have pretty much been sick at our house since Christmas so I am ready for Spring!!

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