Sunday, March 27, 2011

Catch Up...

So who is ready for Spring cause I am DYING for warmer weather! The girls are so stir crazy right now (and so am I!) and it would be nice to be able to take them outdoors on dry grass and just let them run for miles! We are finally over all our sicknesses (for now at least) After the big Influenza bout then we went straight into RSV and just when we got through that, they repeated it and had another round of RSV with lovely ear infections through the whole thing. How miserable are sick kids? Don't answer, I think I already know pretty well at this point. Except for Mckenna, she is pretty amazing when she is sick and so sometimes it's hard to tell how sick she really is. It must seem like a walk in the park (a little cold here and there) compared to all the stuff she had to deal with as a baby.

And the girls are growing like crazy. I haven't kept track of height measurements like I am supposed to but I swear they have all grown many multiple inches in the last few months. They are looking more and more like toddlers and less like little chubby babies (or tootsie rolls as I like to call little babies).

They are well into their pre-terrible twos. I used to think they were showing their emotions before but talk about the drama now! Eeesh! I feel like I say to them "Calm down and relax!" all day long! Oh, and "It's okay.." but most days it's more like screaming "It's okay!" They definitely don't bring out the calm in me most of the time. This is definitely a frustrating stage with all these emotions they are displaying and stubborness and inability to say what they mean. But at the same time, it is fun to see them attempting to start communicating. And they string some of the silliest words together. The other day I said to Carly, "Oh Carly, you are so cute!" and she looked at me and said, "That's right." Don't think she had any idea what she was saying but still so funny. Also, the other day she was saying dada over and over (she does most days) and I finally said jokingly, "you know there are other people in this house besides dada" she was quite for a second and then started saying mama over and over. Okay one more. She will also take ribbon or a bow, scrunch it all up (I guess she thinks she tying it like mom does) and then throws her arms out and says, "there!" I guess I've learned that I have say "there" after I have tied shoes, bows, etc...

They still love to climb up on everything. They love the table and think they are really doing something naughty when they all get up there. I need to quash that habit soon but I am picking my battles right now.
Look at Carly and Maddy right here... they think they are hillarious!
After much trepidation and dragging my feet, I finally am trying to work on utensils. It's just such a mess to clean up for three. I think everyday, I wonder if my house will ever be clean again? They are doing quite well, just your typical rub the yogurt all through the hair experience...and then fling it all over the floor. But it has to be done because I am not going to spoon feed them forever.
Carly also has glasses now along with Mckenna. She is also farsighted like Mckenna but her vision is actually worse than Mckenna. Mckenna was put in hers first because her eyes were starting to cross. Carly's haven't even attempted to cross but the doctor said it was time and she will like it better because she will be able to see better. But.... she is the worst at wearing her glasses. Mckenna will keep hers on most of the day, but I'm lucky if Carly will go an hour with hers. So that's a constant battle. I think she can see a lot better but she just can't help from touching them and pulling them off. Perfect example in picture below...
The girls are starting to get into the dress up deal. They love hats... (Mckenna)
Shoes (especially Carly and Maddy)
Headbands (Maddy-nice hairdo huh?)
And just clothes in general... They are growing up so fast! (L to R: Carly, Mckenna, Madison)
We haven't taken them to church all winter because of sickness and I think their first Sunday back will be Easter. It will also be their first nursery experience. I will try and post sometime between now and then! I always think, that's a whole month away, but it just flies by too fast and next thing I know it's three months later.

Oh, and one other thing. Mckenna is still crawling and not walking so we were able to get her in foot braces/orthotics and they have helped so much so far with her stability. She is so skinny so it takes so long for her to build up her muscles and probably still dealing with brain trauma from when she was born. But she is doing amazing! The doctors and therapists call her a miracle baby for all the amazing improvement she has made. They always say, you would never guess this girl went through a grade 3 brain bleed and hydrocephalus. It's actually nice to only have two walking. How stressful when all three are running!

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  1. This is cute sunny! They all look so big! I'm glad we got to come see them a few weeks ago....Are you guys coming for Memorial Weekend?