Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wedding Weekend!

So Kyle and I finally got a small (3 day) break from the girls this past weekend. My brother Mark got married on Friday to lovely Ashley and we agonized over whether to take the girls or not. In the end, our fear of them getting sick (and would get tired and cranky through the trip) outweighed our desire for everyone to see them, so we left them home with Grandma Morrell and her sister Aunt Sharon. Thank you so much to them for allowing us peace of mind to leave and enjoy ourselves and not worry that they were in good hands.

Mark and Ashley got married in the Rexburg Temple and had a luncheon and reception in Rigby where she is from. I do love weddings...I'm way too much of a romantic. It always makes me reflect back on my happy wedding day. It was all very fun just to be with my family for a little bit since we are staying in Boise with the girls for Christmas this year. Kyle's mom, who has been staying with us for a couple of months, will be going over to her daughters (Kyle's sister) for Christmas for a few days and then coming back. So we are going to enjoy our quiet little family Christmas (although much larger family this year). I don't plan on leaving the house for days over the holiday. I guess I do that already....

Below is a picture of Mark and Ashley at the reception. Nicole, I cheated and copied this picture from you. I was a doofus and forgot to bring my camera to take pictures myself. So thanks for letting me borrow from you!

The girls got Christmas pajamas from Grandma Morrell a few weeks back and so we took a picture of our little Christmas presents this year. Just so you know, Madison only smiles that big right now for dad (she was looking at dad when the picture was taken). She LOVES her daddy. Apparently we have discovered who's the daddy's girl. And Kyle said that Carly is a mommy's girl. She is always looking for me and wanting to be held by me. Mckenna isn't partial to anyone, she loves all. Although she loves to laugh with Grandma! L to R: Carly, Madison, Mckenna

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