Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas and New Years!

Merry Christmas! We had a wonderful, quiet (for three babies) Christmas. It was lovely to not worry about doctor's, nurse, therapist appointments and just relax and enjoy the babies with Kyle. Here are a couple pictures of our Christmas. The girls got quite the haul. Spoiled... Kyle and I got a family present of a new camera! I am so excited because I can hopefully start taking better pictures. They even gave me a couple classes to take with it so hopefully I can figure out what I'm doing and get better at taking pictures. It's a Pentax KX for anyone who cares... I'm sure I'm the only one really excited about it. I put some pictures below of the girls separately while messing around trying to figure it out. Kyle was also pretty excited to get some more episodes of Seinfeld...and Florence chocolates. I think he has a second stomach for sugar. And I received some gift cards, or as Kyle says, the gift of shopping-which I love very much. But most important we are so grateful for the best gifts we could ever receive this year- three babies that are quite healthy. It means more than all the other gifts put together!

Girls: L to R: Madison, Carly (loved her stuffed turtle), and Mckenna with their Christmas loot



  1. Those pics are pretty good. i told mark just yesterday that i want to take a class and learn how to take better pics. we'll have to talk. i want you guys to come over sometime for dinner or something. talk to you soon.

  2. It has been staring me in the face this whole time and it just occured to me. I have another friend that I follow here and she also has triplets. She is part of a moms with triplets group. She is also a photographer. I think the two of you would have much in common. Here is her url so you can check out her blog

  3. Hi Sonny! This is your mom's cousin, Jolyn Atwood, also Jeff Atwood from you BYU class's mom. We had your brother, Scott, attend a Christmas Party at our home in American Fork last year. I've a son in Boise and I'm coming tonight to Boise. Let me know your phone number or address and I'll call you when I get there. Or you new last name. Thanks, your little girls are darling!!!