Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Halloween!.... it's a jungle here!

I had major internet issues this week, but we have a new service and I can finally post the pictures of the girls. Due to sickness, preemies, etc we didn't take the girls out for All Hallows Eve but I found these outfits for such a good price I had to dress them up for at least a picture! We took these pictures a few weeks ago when my dad and brother (and his fiance) came to see my mom and the girls. We decided a jungle theme was appropriate since it seems like a jungle everyday at my house! They were actually very tired on Halloween and after we put them down to sleep at 10 pm, Mckenna woke up at 4:30 am and the other two didn't wake up until 6 am! It was a Halloween miracle! Unfortunately, it was a one night deal and they are back to their 2:30 to 3 am schedule again. Someday I will get a full nights rest. I was sick with the flu last week (the girls have stayed healthy) and its no fun to have no energy and try and take care of three babies. So I'm so happy to be feeling 100% again.

My mom (Grandma Pendleton) sadly has taken her leave this week to go back to Wyoming. She has been here for 3 months helping me. I definitely was sad to see her leave, she has been such a major help... I can't even explain how much she has done for Kyle and I and babes. I know she misses them but I think she's pretty happy to get her rest again and to be with my dad again. My mother in law (Grandma Morrell) will be coming on Saturday to take the next 3 or so months shift. Hopefully, by that time, I will be able to manage quite easily. Being alone this week has helped me realize I can do it alone but I'm running on fumes and would love to keep getting grandma help!

Nothing else new with the girls except they are all starting to smile and interact more. Carly and Madison are both 12 lbs. 12 1/2 oz. and Mckenna is 12 lbs. even. We also took family pictures so I will have to post some in the next few days. Happy Halloween!

L to R: Carly (Giraffe), Madison (Tiger- perfect for her), and Mckenna (Zebra).

I just couldn't get enough of their animal tails so I had to get a picture of the cute little butts!

Mark and his fiance Ashley, look at Carly smiling big at Ashley. Just thought it was a cute picture I would add!


  1. So cute! They look adorable! I'm so glad you got these for them! And don't Mark and Ashley look ready for three of their own? ;) ha ha! We need to come and visit one day.

  2. A week on your own!? Sunny, there's nothing you can't do! From now on, everything else will probably seem like a piece of cake in comparison. The girls look adorable in their Halloween costumes. Tonight, I put Vince in his jungle themed sleeper in honor of them. (The sleeper has tigers, giraffes, and elephants all over it. It's a bummer there's no zebras on it.) Hope you are able to get some rest. So glad to hear your mother-in-law is coming.

  3. Sunny, You are doing so well with all those little ones. Adorable pictures. I would love to come visit when Aiden is done with his chemotherapy.

  4. Those little jungle animals are sure the cutest ones I've ever seen!