Wednesday, November 18, 2009

6 Months Old!

Last week on the 11th the girls turned 6 months old. And what a six months it has been. They have started to sleep longer through the night. Usually we feed at 10 and the earliest they have been waking up is 4 am and sometimes they go all the way until six! Those are good nights! It's a little difficult with three because if one cries out in the night and we don't get to them fast enough, the others are awake and.... I'm sure you get the point.

But they are all doing so great. No one has to read all of this, I am just journaling stuff for them. I do kind of go on and on..... We did find out that Carly does have an AVM (arterial venous malformation) which is pretty much a very enlarged blood vessel running down the arm. It carries more than twice the amount of blood a normal baby arm blood vessel would because she has developed extra capillaries, tissues, etc in the right arm so it has too feed all of it. So we are going to San Francisco right before Christmas with her to a specialized clinic for atery malformations and try and figure out the treatments needed. Most likely they will do what they call embelization, which means they go in and plug up all the extra capillaries, vessels, etc. not needed and they should clot up and kind of go away so that the big main vessel doesn't have to supply blood to them. In return, the big vessel should shrink in size as well as all the tissue. Sounds simple, but I guess it's a scary procedure with fear of clotting off a vessel that is really needed to help the arm work. Anyway, I'm sure with a lot of faith and prayers, we will get through it and she will be able to move on from this. I'm not super excited to take a premature baby onto a plane right now (and leave the other two at home) but.... such is life. It could be worse right?

But they are starting to smile (and laugh a little) and really like to talk, especially to each other or mom and dad. Carly is Miss Social; in fact, we have a hard time getting her to sleep during the day because she just wants to play and talk all day long! She loves to smile and is a happy baby except for when she gets tired or hungry. She is not patient at all for feeding time and so never has to be the one to wait her turn to feed. She always eats first because she gets herself worked up in more of a lather than the others if she has to wait for a sister to finish eating.

Madison is still go, go, go. I think I'm going to have to watch her very closely when they can walk and run because she could be a long ways down the road before I'd notice she is gone. She also loves to smile, especially when she is roughed up a little. It sounds crazy but I am a little rougher with her because she loves it! The more excitement, the better. She is rolling over from belly to back (has been doing that for a couple months now) but now she is rolling from back to almost belly. She can't figure out how to get that arm out of the way, and it makes her so mad. Unfortunately, she also loves when the TV comes on. The reason she started learning to roll was so she could get in a position to see the TV... even when it wasn't on. Rotten little girl! I think she just enjoys stimulation and even though she likes her sisters she doesn't get quite enough out of them like she wants. They'd have to be dancing around her for her to be mesmerized.

Mckenna is doing well. She is really the easiest baby and thank heavens for letting me have one of them right? She is so happy.... all the time. She does do her fake cry and loves to stick out that bottom lip, but she usually only does it when her sisters are crying. She's very compassionate. We thought she would be the quietest talker (cooer) but she is so loud when she is jabbering away! So, even though Carly is so social, maybe Mckenna we'll have more to say. She just went to her follow up appointment with the neuro surgeon and she is doing so well which is so great to hear!

We are so excited that they are six months (three months adjusted age) and I'm hoping that they are holding their bottles soon. Just kidding! Only in my dreams....

The Girls: L to R: Mckenna, Madison, Carly

Carly- half smiling

Madison- half smiling

Mckenna- I couldn't get my camera to work fast enough to get a smile out of her.

Funny story... One night, this is how Madison fell asleep on Dad's lap. Dad was patting her back and next thing he knew, she was out!


  1. oh they are so so so cute (x's three). ;) I just want to come up there and love on them.

    we will be praying for Carly that everything goes as best as possible with her arm.

    love you all

  2. ha ha! I love that she fell asleep like that on Kyle! And I'm really sad we won't be seeing you guys next week :( but glad the girls are doing well!