Monday, September 23, 2013

2 surgerys in one month

So, I was hoping we wouldn't have to have another brain surgery for Mckenna for awhile but, she sneaked another one in on us... Last week she was complaining of her head hurting and had some vomiting with it but only every 3 days... the others didn't get sick and I kept on thinking, oh no, I hope this isn't her shunt malfunctioning.  So last week we went and had an MRI done on her head... sure enough, her fourth ventricle was enlarged but at least the other three ventricles looked good.  Soooo....

Her new dog Ike she got in the hospital

She went into surgery Friday morning... luckily she didn't have to get a second shunt put in at the base of her skull but they did run some reservoir stint to just under the skin to the fourth ventricle so the plumbing is all set if this doesn't work and she needs that second shunt down the road.  They were able to open a block of tissue that was stopping the flow to the catheter that runs up to her original shunt.  It was really about as good of a situation as could have happened when you're talking about relieving that area.  She did end up with a fever that evening to an unrelated lung congestion and irritation from being intabated.   So we stayed an extra night, Friday night in PICU and Saturday night in PEDS.  I forgot how its near impossible to sleep on the bench/cots in those places.  But then she got to come home on Sunday afternoon and so far so good.  She's still running a slight fever and sleeping ALOT but that's all part of the healing process.  So grateful for such a great neurosurgeon who did amazing work and kept us confident and calm through the whole process as he did with her first shunt.  We love our little girl and so glad she is slowly feeling better!

Crazy... she had strabismus eye repair surgery on August 22nd and 4th ventricle pressure and reservoir placement on September 20th... lots of stress in one month!
Riding in the wagon leaving the PEDS ward


  1. What a cute little trooper. So much for a 4 year old to go through, but she's still smiling. All your girls are so adorable Sunny. I can't believe how grown up they are.

  2. Oh poor Kenners! She looks great though! Sounds like everything went as well as it could have. Loooove the pic with all the girls. They love their sister! Can't wait to see you guys! THat is, if it's still gonna work out! I hope!

  3. Wow what a summer for that little lady! Thats so rough on her and you. Hope things are going well for all of your little ladies. Fun to see new pictures of them. --Alisa