Friday, June 8, 2012

Beautiful eyes...

A quick update and pics of the girls.  They had their 3rd birthday this past month.  We just did a quiet party at home.  I can't believe they are three already!  Carly had eye surgery to straighten out her eyes in April and she looks so much better.  I couldn't get the best pic of her so thus the holding her face for a closeup with the camera.

Carly after eye surgery
 The girls started going to preschool for a couple days in May before the school year ended and they are so excited to start again next fall.  Especially to ride a school bus!  They loved it and it made a huge difference in their speech.  They came home saying words I hadn't heard them say before.
 Mckenna's botox eye treatment has pretty much worn off so hopefully her eyes stay where they are.  The doc thinks that if they stay as they are now then she doesn't have to have botox again.  So hooray!  Her eyes look so much better as well.  But notice that her pupils are still two different sizes, a side effect of the botox that should have worn off but hasn't so she might always look like that.  Might be a problem if she ever has to go in the emergency room, that should freak the nurses out.
We just love these girls and all their excitement for life!

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