Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Happenings

Okay, I've been hounded to get more pictures up so here they are in no particular order. The girls have been busy. I have 2 walkers now and a cruiser so I'm definitely wornout at the end of the day! They have had some exciting things happen in the past month: had their first Thanksgiving together at the dinner table, got haircuts (even Carly's few measly pieces), and got to meet Santa for the first time. Kenners also is starting to wear a patch to help correct her eye from any lazy eye business (if you were wondering why she looked like a pirate in one of her pictures) and I am getting better and keeping her glasses on all day and she is getting better at keeping them on! Anyways, just some pictures!

Thanksgiving Dinner
Carly in a turkey comatose after...

The girls love getting in any basket, box, etc together and then they fight about who gets to stay in the box. I need to find a bigger box I guess...

We put Maddy on Santa's lap first before the others, but had to get a picture cause she was so skeptical of Santa!

Here's another picture of it...

Telling Santa what they want for Christmas!

Picture of Grandma with the girls when they visited earlier in the month...


Mckenna (with bangs now)

Maddy Moo always looking like she is getting in trouble (which she usually is)

The girls in the Tartan attire for church...L to R: Maddy, Mckenna, Carly

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