Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 2010- It's a Bug's Life

So, I am behind as usual with posting... Here's Halloween! The girl's went as two ladybugs and one bumblebee! (I couldn't find a third ladybug outfit for Maddy but I kind of like the variety...) We went around to Kyle's work and other friends and then went to our ward Trunk or Treat event on Friday night. The girl's did pretty well, they loved the crinkly paper more than the candy and Mckenna did have a total meltdown by the end of Friday night but we participated in Halloween this year unlike last year. It was a little exhausting for Mom but I guess that just comes with the territory right? Here they are in their outfits!

L to R: Mckenna, Madison, Carly
L to R: Mckenna, Madison, Carly (lovin' Maddy's meltdown)

Madison (sorry, bad picture)

Carly (sorry another not great picture, who was running the camera?)

Mckenna (cheezing it), Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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