Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Warning: Major Information and Pic Upload

Tomorrow (the 11th) is when the girls were supposed to be due last year. So we are celebrating the day because now they are technically an adjusted year old! They have grown so much in the last year and I can't wait to see how much bigger they are in another year! So pictures first:

L to R: Mckenna, Madison, Carly- As my mom says, Mckenna looks as innocent as Madison looks guilty. Poor Maddy... she can't help that she looks mischievous...
Mckenna, Madison, Carly

Taken today, L to R: Mckenna, Carly, Madison

Mckenna is doing so great! She is crawling everywhere and starting to pull herself up to standing. She's always so happy and loves to laugh at Madison, apparently she thinks Madison is hillarious! She looks very jack-o-lanterny right now with her teeth. She finally broke a middle tooth through so she doesn't look like a little vampire anymore... I love making Mckenna laugh because she is so easy to laugh, she is just always so constant with the same happy personality.

Her hair just keeps on growing and growing and growing... I just trimmed it again for the 3rd or 4th time, I lost count. But now we are attempting to grow out bangs....

Mckenna always has this same smile- my mom calls it the Mona Lisa smile- very content.

I guess this is more of a duck smile...

Same smile...

Same smile.... but it's very happy compared to Madison's new faces...

About a week ago Madison started pulling this squinted eyes/pursed lips/scrunch nose face...

And this face all day long... I'm afraid I end up mimicking her back cause she's so funny with it.

She is really into the cupboards and the surprising contents they contain. She especially loves the plastic baggies... of course, the choking hazard stuff...

Serious again (by the way, they LOOOVE yogurt, but I can't believe we haven't found a food that they won't eat yet, we even did broccoli yesterday and they gobbled it down...hopefully they don't change into picky eaters)

Just this week she learned how to climb up on the couch and she is so proud of herself, hopefully she decides not to fall over the backside. She is still standing and cruising around everything and anything but still doesn't want to walk yet. I thought with her crazy haphazard way she would already be trying but she is actually being very cautious about it. I guess I should be grateful, it will just get harder once she does start walking and then running and then all three and then ahhh!

There's a sweet innocent look from Maddy, she can look innocent. I guess that's more of a Mona Lisa smile huh?

Carly is really into clapping and waving lately. Instead of pouring her energy into crawling she thinks it is more fun to be social with mom. Definitely a momma's girl but has recently been enamored with dad. Here she is in mid-clap.

She is also really getting good at mimicking familiar sounds back and forth and can do "mama, dada, numnum, dis, baba, vava, clicking tongue, rolling tongue, and others" on demand. The other two are too busy moving around to play the game with me. But Carly army crawls like crazy. Her Grandpa calls her Special Forces because she can move lickity split in army crawl. She also is starting to pull up to standing as well but really doesn't have an interest in crawling on her knees yet. Someday I guess...

Carly loves her Jumper and just giggles and giggles in it. The others don't love it as much so unfortunately I can't put them in a jumper to entertain them. She ends up falling asleep half the time. I am not sure why she fell asleep biting the strap.

She also loves to roll onto her one side and sit like this all the time. It's her bathing beauty pose. And usually she ends up grabbing her foot and pulling it behind her head. She already does yoga moves!

Carly is definitely the most needy for attention but she is such a little cuddly teddy bear so it's just so worth it to get to hold her.

The girls are so funny. You can definitely tell that they are close to each other. They like to travel around the house in a pack. Which is a good thing. When one is getting into trouble the others aren't somewhere else getting into trouble. When I usually find one I find them all. They do a lot of laughing at each other and a lot of stealing of each other's toys and screaming at each other so they definitely act like siblings.

And they LOVE the fridge! There are two things that they will hear and come running for. One is the sound of the bath tub water starting for baths and the other is the kitchen door opening. (Oh and I better not leave out that they come running when they hear dad come home.) And then it's pure madness for me to get back in there and shut the door because once I move one and start moving the second the first one comes back and so on and so on. I'm sure the big machine that lights up inside with all kinds of ingredients is just too tempting to not come and climb into it.

Mckenna is so skinny that her pajama pants fall off her almost nightly before bed, so dad thought they would be more useful on her head.

And Maddy loves to crawl up on the mantle and shake the sliding metal doors. We are still working on her scooting her feet and butt off first to get off the mantle instead of diving head first onto the wood floor to get off. I just don't want people to think all the many bumps and bruises are from me, they are definitely self inflicted. I guess they are just in that bruises everywhere stage. I even found one on Maddy's stomach the other day... how did that...?
The other day I had a woman commenting to me on having triplets and ALL GIRLS for that matter (I guess the drama of girls?) and how do I do it and then she kept on saying over and over "I feel so sorry for you, just so sorry for you." I was polite and just said thanks but really I want people to know that even though it is definitely challenging, I don't want people to feel sorry for me. I feel like I am really blessed! We tried to have kids for so long I can't feel too bad about my plight or situation. It's true that my children all came at once but how blessed am I to receive such wonderful girls. And to be blessed so extremely with what I prayed for for so many years. To have my prayers answered is such a blessing in itself. How could I ever feel sorry for myself ya know? But with that being said, I am going to really try and enjoy every moment of them growing into toddlers because I am sure that I will still long for the day that they are a little older and easier to manage. Then I'll have a new set of growing up struggles right? I guess the other side isn't always greener, I guess I do have a nice patch of green grass myself.

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  1. So cute! I'm so glad you put more pics up!! They are all over the place!! Ali has the same jumper I think and she LOVES IT!! So fun. I love Maddy's cute faces! Ha, what a little squirt!

    And what a crazy lady to say that to you! I don't feel sorry for you...I just know that you are busy busy busy!! I'm glad you have three beautiful triplet girls!! :)