Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend

I don't know why we were so insane (I guess we just really wanted to leave town) but we decided to go to Wyoming for Memorial Weekend to see family. The trip kind of felt like I was stuck in a little bit of a nightmare. It's just logistically difficult to travel with three babies even though they are much more manageable than when they were brand new. All I know is they cried about 80% of the trip over and back. And then we had to jump back and forth visiting two families during the trip which was a little crazy. But....with all that said, it was so nice to see our family and friends! The girls got to meet all the Pendleton cousins for the first time. Their cousin Laney just kept on saying, "Babies, babies, babies," and pointing to them. She also loved giving Madison hugs. Very cute. They also were able to see some of their Morrell cousins as well which was a little different for them since all the Morrell cousins are 13 yrs old and older. We were going to go back to Star Valley on the fourth of July but we might postpone and wait until Christmas. Call me a wimp, I don't care, but it was a little too chaotic for my taste. Anyway, Happy Memorial Day to everyone else!

Picture from my parents house. There was still a lot of snow in them thar hills (mountains)!

Morrell cousins.... Carly especially really liked Jace (far left). She gave him big smiles...

Pendleton cousins... yes, that's right, all girls... I think my mom deserves some girls after raising all those brothers of mine! Six girls in three years... crazy!

We took family pictures with my family one morning and I snapped one with my camera. L to R: Carly, Madison, Mckenna


  1. Wow someone took a great family pic of you guys!! :) Ha ha, so glad you guys came even if it means we won't see you for another year!

  2. I still haven't done a road trip with ONE 1 year old. You truly are amazing. Nothing wimpy about that at all! I still don't know how you do it. The girls are beautiful! (And I love your yellow house!)