Monday, May 18, 2009

A Mother's Day Surprise

The triplets have arrived! They were a bit of a surprise because they were exactly three months early. They were born on May 11, 2009.

Mckenna led the way and was born at 7:56 am at 2 lbs and 14 1/2 inches long. She very long and lean with very dark brown hair and from what we can tell looks like a carbon copy of Kyle.

Madison came second at 7:57 am and was 1 lb 15 1/2 oz and 13 1/2 inches long. She is the runt of the litter (only by an inch) and might end up being a blondie. She had the least amount of hair but it looks lighter than the other two. We're not sure, but we think she looks more like Sunny.

Carly was our final baby arriving at 7:58 am and weighed 2 lbs 4 oz and 14 1/2 inches long. It is amazing how big of a difference 4 ounces makes! So far she is the one doing the best but the others are right behind her. She has brown hair and we think it will be curly (hooray!) and looks like a combination of Kyle and Sunny.

Mckenna and Madison had PDA, which is a heart valve issue that is fairly common in preemie babies. They have been treating the problem with drugs, and we found out Saturday that the valve has closed, which was great news. Mckenna is the one we are worried about most because she has had bleeding in her brain, which is quite serious because there is not much they can do to treat it. We got a call from the neuro-surgeon on Sunday, and he said that it looks like the brain bleeding has stopped and the bleeding is not putting pressure on the brain. This was such great news because the brain bleeding can cause mental and developmental disorders. I'm sure that how well they are doing is directly correlated to the fasting and many prayers from our family and friends. We want to let everyone know how much we appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

We are quite lucky that the babies were born at St. Luke's in Boise, and they are in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) there. The NICU is an amazing place and the teams of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff are outstanding. The NICU is so quiet and peaceful, and is almost a sacred place. It is unlike any other area in the hospital, and I'm sure it is because of all those special spirits there that are so fresh from their Heavenly Father's presence.

We will continue to keep updating about their status as time goes along. The pictures below are of each of them on their one week birthday. We already love them so much and are so excited to be parents of these special babies.





  1. Thanks for inviting us to your blog. The babies are so tiny and adorable.

  2. The Girls are so sweet! I am so glad you have a blog so that we can enjoy them too!

  3. So cute and tiny! Welcome to the world of blogging. I'll be back in a week so don't hesitate to call if you need anything.

  4. We love that you are doing a blog. It is so exciting to see pictures of the girls, and we can't wait to meet them!!!! We love you guys, and keep hanging in there. You are amazing!

  5. They are so precious! I can't wait to meet them. Hope everything continues to go well!

  6. Yeah, I'm so glad to hear that the babies are doing well. I hope that you are getting plenty of rest in between spending many hours with your precious girls. Please call if you need anything at all.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am hoping and praying for the BEST for you ALL!!! PS This is Nicole's sister Natalie. Hope it's okay if we check in on you and the girlies!!! ;)

  8. Thanks for the link to your blog! I am so happy to see how well the little ladies are doing! It's wonderful and such a great blessing! Each baby is a miracle and you have THREE! You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated...

  9. Sunny-Congratulations!!! Thanks for telling me you fun news. It is amazing what medical advances will do these days-they will be fine!!! Matt and I want to send you a gift(3 gifts). Send me your mailing address. I also have a blog-, you can also link onto Lindsay's-she has three kids now. Lori

  10. I'm so glad you emailed me an update Sunny! Congrats on your beautiful little girls. It sounds like they are a miracle. We will keep all of you in are prayers, and hope that all continues to go well. Congrats again.

  11. What precious little angels Sunny and Kyle! Congratulations! We will be praying for each of them and keep checking for updates. Hang in there. Amazing how strong these spirits are. :)
    Mindi and Jonathan